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Mark Bittman, my hero

To start this blog off right, I thought I'd post a snippet of an article by Mark Bittman, my favorite food writer. Call this my working mission statement, if you will...

In this piece from the NYTimes, Bittman perfectly describes the purpose of Economy Bites:

          "The home cook, especially the aspiring home cook, needs                   encouragement   — not befuddlement. Show people what actually happens in the kitchen, show people that mistakes are made (”The grand thing about cooking is you can eat your mistakes” — Julia Child), show people that, just as you need not be Rafael Nadal to play tennis, you need not be Gordon Ramsay to cook a decent meal. And a decent meal — one you can proudly but humbly serve to your family and friends, and happily eat yourself — knowing that it could be better but that indeed it’s your creation, it’s wholesome, and it is in every sense good — is, or should be, the real goal of every home cook."

This is how I feel about cooking. On Economy Bites, you'll see me drop vegetables, slice my finger and fill my kitchen with smoke, and that's what is so great about it. It's cooking for real!

Like Paula says, "from my kitchen to youuuuuuuuuuurs!"

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