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Episode 33: Chana Masala

Episode 33 is our first jump into Indian food. My recipe for Chana Masala came from weeks of experimenting with this basic recipe. I tried it once verbatim...and it was just OK. 2nd time I played with the spices and it was better, but still not fabulous. 3rd time I added chicken broth and BAM - the wow factor! Just WAIT until you taste this!!


VEGETARIAN ALERT: this recipe can EASILY be made vegetarian by switching chicken broth for vegetable broth. Also, cut calories by switching from Basmati to Brown. All other notes you need for this recipe are in the video, so watch carefully! Now I have to say goodbye as I am currently en-route to Wisconsin, cheese capitol of the universe. I wonder if there's good Indian food in Milwaukee or Madison. Does anybody know?

I'll bring you back some gouda. Love from the Midwest!


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