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Episode 38: Curry Chicken Salad

Last Valentines Day my boyfriend of 3 years pulled out all the stops and took me to the Russian Tea Room (a place I highly recommend if you're a Mad Men fan or at all interested in that particular 1960s look) for high tea. As far as I was concerned, the stand out on the menu was their Curried Chicken salad; it was a revelation. It blew me away, so far away that I ended up at the grocery store the next day buying ingredients to make my own. What follows it the video adaptation of my interpretation of the Russian Tea Room's most delicious cold and see!


 Last night I laid in bed thinking about what I'd write about this recipe - I thought, "I'll say you could eat it in a pita, with rye bread, with crackers or by itself." This morning I watched the video and realized that I'd already said all of that - in almost exactly the same order - in the video. Great minds think like...themselves.

Enjoy the curry - come back for breakfast next week!

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