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Episode 42: Bar B Que Baked Beans!

Here we are - nearly labor day, the last day of the summer and the last summertime recipe of Economy Bites! We're sad that the scortching New York City summer days are at an end...but not really. Actually, it's pretty hard to do our show in the summer. No air conditioning in the kitchen = cranky, smelly E. Biters. Be glad that you're on THIS side of the camera!

Now that I've riled up your appetite, take a look at our final summer Economy Bites recipe: Bar B Que baked beans!


Last time we used ketchup in a recipe I got critisized for having "ketchup as my main ingredient"...which it wasn't. It's also not the main ingredient here, so keep your fear at bay, a little ketchup won't kill you. It'll just make you say, "yummm".

Lastly: Beans on toast is a Southern thing. It's a great light meal, a yummy snack and it's crazy cheap to eat. It's cowboy food. So treat yourself to a nice home-on-the-range meal this labor day weekend - take some to a picnic or eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. We promise tastiness.

Excited for the fall!


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