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Episode 44: Cara's Carrot Cupcakes

Welcome to part 2 of our collaboration with Big Girls Small Kitchen. In today's kitchen we team up with Cara, the other 1/2 of the BGSK duo to make a dessert to compliment our Fishballs from last week.

Both Daniel and I are huge carrot cake fans, so you can imagine our delight when Cara suggested we make them in cupcake form for our episode together. Usually I think desserts are a lot harder to make then savory dishes (a lot less room for error) but I felt that this recipe was surpringly easy. The simplicity comes across in the video as well, I dont know if we've ever produced such a chill, slow paced episode. I kinda love it!

Some cupcake notes: these little treats are open to interpretation. If you're not crazy about walnuts and raisins, and you want to save a few bucks, by all means, eliminate. Also - I suggest only buying maple syrup for the icing if you're sure you'll use the rest of it at another date (pancakes, anyone?) since it's sort of expensive and not essential to making great cream cheese frosting.

I'm sad to see our Big Girls Small Kitchen collabo come to an end! I hope you enjoyed meeting Cara & Phoebe as much as we enjoyed cooking with them!

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