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Episode 46: Sauteed Chicken

Today, October 1st, is one year from the day we aired our 1st episode - OK, it's 1 day short of 1 year, but it's as close as we're gonna get so let's not mince words.

Today we're making sauteed chicken as an homage to the first recipe we ever cooked together. We're using the same raw material - a whole roaster - but putting it together a different way. Same basic ingredients, same general cost, 2 separate meals. Damn, we're good! No wonder we've made it a year!


To get serious for a minute: I'm really...what's the word...OK, I got it: proud. I'm seriously, really proud of myself and Daniel. We've spent a year emailing, video chatting, screaming, laughing, phoning, writing, recipe-testing, facebooking, cooking, baking, twittering, traveling, scripting, worrying, celebrating, scheming, researching, arguing, collaborating, editing, waiting and WORKING OUR ASSES OFF to get where we are today. It's been exhausting, but completely worth it. I've never believed in anything as much as I believe in Economy Bites, and the fact that nearly 5000 of you believe with me every week, proves to me that my beliefs are right!

So, a few thank yous: first, thank you to everyone who'se pushed us, encouraged us and supported us. It makes all the difference.

Second, thank you to all those who've worked for and with us: we haven't paid any of you, and you've still given us your all, and for that we are tremendously grateful.

third, my personal thank you goes out to Daniel Schloss, the man behind the camera. He doesn't get the attention I do, but his work and vision are invaluable. Thank you, thank you Dan for working your ass off every day, for making me do things I don't want to do, and for never, ever letting me quit. E. Bites wouldn't be half of what it is without you!

And lastly, thanks to YOU, E. Bites fan! Every time you watch one of our shows, a fairy gets her wings and Daniel and I shed a tear of happiness. We're so glad you enjoy it. As long as you watch, we'll keep 'em comming!

ONTO YEAR TWO! Bigger, better, funnier, awesomer and more fabulous. We can't wait!

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