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April 2010

Apr 30th

Episodes » Episode 28: Chicken Chorizo Meatloaf

This episode stars me and a meatloaf. Not so fast, don't turn away. For most of us, meatloaf conjures up sloppy images - ground beef, ketchup and frowns. But my meatloaf is different, no ground beef, no ketchup. My mealoaf is Tex-Mex inspired and really, really tasty. It's made with fresh Southwestern ingredients that I love. This is not your mama's meatloaf, unless I am your mama...and I'm not.


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Recipes » Chicken Chorizo Meatloaf


-1 sweet yellow onion, diced

-1 jalapeno, diced (stem removed)

-1 red pepper, diced (stem removed)

-2 cloves of garlic, diced

-4 small links of chorizo, diced

-1 Tbsp tomato paste

 -1 cup breadcrumbs

-1 Tbsp cumin

-1/2 Tbsp chile powder

-pinch cayenne pepper, paprika and salt

-2 eggs, whisked

-1 lb ground chicken



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Apr 22nd

Episodes » Episode 27: Top 10 Kitchen Essentials with The Brooklyn Kitchen

When I graduated from college, here's what I had in the way of kitchen gear: a small cast iron skillet, 2 blenders (one from my parents, one from my grandma) and a large pot. When I moved to Brooklyn, I slowly started gathering other pieces...a plastic measuring cup here, a wooden spoon there, etc. Slowly but surely, most everything I brought either broke, shattered or exploded (minor incident with a microwave, don't ask). Had I only had the video below where Harry Rosenbloom - co-founder and owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, BK - lists out the 10 essentials for a starter kitchen, I could have saved myself a lot of money...and clean up time.

Read on for a BIG DEAL....


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Apr 19th

Blog » Annnnd, we're back!

Happy Monday morning all you men, women, children, cats, dogs, elephants, puppies, ladies, dudes, housewives, kitties, mooses, meeses, golden eggs... Happy to report that Economy Bites will be RETURNING with a BRAND SPANKIN' new epsiode this Friday. Hey, hey! Do a dance, shake your booty, get excited, HOODIE HOO!

The episode takes us out of the kitchen and into my absolute most favorite store, The Brooklyn Kitchen. We're gonna give you a tour, show you some of our kitchen essentials, and give you info on a really fabulous deal - economy friendly for home cooks everywhere. Are you PUMPED YET?

Please continue


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Apr 14th

Blog » Brooklyn Blogger Meetup

Hey  - are you going to the Brooklyn Blogger Meetup tonight at The Bell House? Well I (Allie) am. Look for me and say hi - you know never know how we can help eachother out!


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Apr 2nd

Episodes » Episode 26: Shrimp and Poblano Chowder.

Happy April 2nd! Did you see our April Fools joke yesterday? Did we get you? Don't be ashamed, you can admit it! We got you! Bwahahha!!!

Today's video is this week's real episode, and one we are very proud of indeed. The co-star of this episode is restaurant called Blue Mesa, based in my hometown, Dallas, Tx. Blue Mesa is a fabulous Southwestern restaurant. Not only is the food spicy and tasty, but the owners are great as well (full disclosure: they are close family friends. Like take-trips-to-South-Padre, see-movies-and-eat-Chinese-food-every-Christmas, they-catered-my-bat-mitzvah close family friends). Blue Mesa graciously allowed us to choose an item from their menu to recreate for you this week, and I'm quite sure you'll like it! Read more?


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Apr 1st

Recipes » Shrimp & Poblano Chowder


-2 Tbsp plus 4 oz peanut oil

-1 cup corn kornels (frozen, fresh or canned), roasted

-1 to 2 Tbsp peanut oil

-2 cloves whole garlic

-2/3 cup yellow onion, diced small

-2/3 cup Poblano peppers, diced (almost 2 whole peppers)

-1/2 pound medium shrimp 

-1/2 tsp cumin

-1/4 tsp white pepper

-6 Tbsp flour

-4 cups chicken broth

-1 cup heavy whipping cream

-optional: green onions (garnish)


Tags: blue mesa, tex mex recipe, chowder recipe, shrimp chowder, poblano peppers, seafood recipe, southwestern recipe, easy cheap southwestern recipe
Episodes » Steak!

To start April with a bang, today we're airing a special Thursday episode of Economy Bites. I'm 100% sure this is the best episode we've ever aired - I'm THAT proud of it. Infact, I'm so pleased with how this video turned out, that I don't think I'll say anything else about it. I'm going to let the episode - in all it's fabulousness - speak for itself.


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