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Episode 1: Roasted Chicken

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW FAVORITE (web) TV SHOW!! Economy Bites, the show that teaches you to make yummy, economical dishes that'll last you from Sunday to Thursday!

Here is our first episode: Roasted Chicken. Believe me, we struggled back and forth about which episode we would air first. We landed on chicken for a few reasons:

1: (most) everybody likes chicken.
2: It's ridiculously easy to make.
3: My hair looks fabulous in this episode...

Ok - so 3 is a joke (kind of) but the first two are legit. Chicken is the universal meat upon which all us omnivores can agree, and I strongly believe that it's a staple we should all know how to make, mostly because you can roast a chicken, cut it up, and use the pieces in about a million different ways. Plus, it's a beautiful thing when you reach in the oven empty handed and come back up with a gorgeous, crispy bird. Oh, vegetarians, I'm sorry right now.

When it comes to roasting, I think we have this false idea that it's an intimidating process. Maybe it has something to do with salmonella, the terror of under cooking a large piece of MEAT. But making a roasted chicken is like a joke it's so easy to make a tasty bird. Especially with this recipe.

This recipe I use is a compilation of about a million recipes I read online and in books. For some reason, like, 8 months ago, I became obsessed with learning how to make a really fabulous roasted chicken. I took bits and pieces of info from a few recipes to create the one I now call "Allie's Favorite". I've made it 4 or 5 times, and it always comes out juicy and delicious. Perfecting this roasted chicken recipe was a big win for me, and that's probably the real reason why it's episode had to come first.


Ok, I know there's a joke in there somewhere.

If you like the video, and you want to take a stab at my chicken (ha), you'll find the recipe here. Tomorrow or the next day I'll post two salad recipes for your left overs! The first is my patented lunch mish-mosh salad, made of ingredients I just toss in and enjoy. The second is my good buddy (fellow foodie) Ian's  anchovy-less Caesar salad w/ cheesy garlic crouton. MMMMMMM-mmm. Everyone likes a good Caesar salad, right?

So I hope everyone LOVES this episode. I hope you LOVE it and you EMAIL me to tell me how MUCH you love it! [email protected]

Don't forget to come back next Friday for episode 2 - you'll like it twice as much!

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