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Episode 10: Suzy's Chicken Parm

Ten Episodes! A milestone. What better way to celebrate than with the best possible guest co-host, my momma!

I feel like this episode is going to play out the same way the bulk of my childhood did: people are going to meet my mother (in this case, on the internet) and become completely uninterested in me, because she's a lot more fun. It's ok, I'm used to it, and I'm lucky, because my mom IS fun. Fun and FABULOUS!

The reasons I love this recipe are three fold: 1, it's simple, 2: it's yummy and 3: it involves beating things with hammers. What's better than dangerous tools in the kitchen? NOTHING!

Another great thing about this recipe is each piece of chicken, after flattening, becomes like 2 pieces,  which means, essentially, that you get 8 meals from 4 chicken breasts. Not a bad deal!

What else? Is there anything else? Probably not. I had a great time making this recipe with my momma. If you want to make someone very happy today, send us emails about how beautiful she is.

Enjoy your chicken parm!


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