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Episode 17: Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas are some of the best things I've ever made, and I'm extremely proud to say that the recipe was born (mostly) in my very own brain. If I never created anything else worthwhile in this world, I can die happy knowing I at least contributed this dish. I'm perfectly happy with these enchiladas becoming my legacy, that's how good they are.


This sauce on these enchiladas originated in this recipe in Gourmet (RIP). I read it and thought, "mmm, that sauce looks fabulous, maybe I can use it for E. Bites. Turning it into an enchilada sauce (aka: adding chicken broth, onions and garlic) was a stroke of brilliance, If I say so myself! It's smoky-spicyness from the crazy hot chipotles gives the regular old enchilada a HUGE and welcome kick in the A . MMM, I wish I had some right NOW!

A few recipe notes, as always:

1: You can use any chicken, cooked any way for this recipe. I like boiling mine because it ends up juicy, and I like white meat because it's healthy.  But whatever you have laying around will work as long as it's off the bone.

2: It is KEY to steam the tortillas before trying to fill them with chicken and cheese. They'll completely break apart if you don't, and it won't be pretty.

3: If you have some extra time, and a few extra bucks, I suggest you make my rice and beans to go along with your enchiladas. They make a great addition to the meal.

ENJOY FOLKS! Be sure to let me know what you think of the recipe. If you make it, you can send me pics at [email protected], and I'll post them on our facebook page.


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