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Episode 19: Chicken and Rice Casserole

Oh lordy, episode 19. I can't believe this is our last episode in our teens. It seems only yesterday we aired episode 13, which was...? No clue. But seriously, the time has flown. Next week we'll air episode 20 and we'll be solidly into our post-adolescence. 20 episodes, nearly 5 months old. That makes us 35 months old in dog years. If we were a dog, we'd be nearly 3, no longer a puppy. What are we talking about again?


Oh yes, food.

Episode 19 - Chicken and Rice Casserole. Dishes like the one I make in this video are the cornerstone of the Economy Bites philosophy. They're homey, easy to make, pretty healthy and certainly refrigerator ready. I also like that this dish is malleable. You could add lots of things to the dish...and I suppose you could subtract things too - like the bacon - although I don't think you should. It wouldn't be prudent.

OK - that might be it. I don't have any real notes because this recipe is very straight-forward. Actually, maybe that is my note: this is a great beginner recipe for those looking to make baby steps into the world of cooking. You can't really mess up chicken and rice, especially if you follow my easy-peasy-mac-and-cheesy instructions. OK, I'M DONE NOW!

See you next week for episode 20 - start getting very excited.

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