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Episode 23: Chili with Chilies

We're proud to bring you a very special episode this week, the 2nd in our series of Brooklyn-centric collaborations (the first co-starring Marty last week) the 3rd of which will air late next month. Today's episode co-stars Ms. Anneliese Griffin of Brooklyn Based, our favorite email newsletter - and we do get a bunch - focused on the best of Brooklyn food, life and happenings. If you're a Brooklyn resident and you're not subscribed...stop missing out! Get on it now!

We're extremely lucky that Anneliese suggested we make Chili in our episode together because, and I'm kind of mortified to admit this, I don't have a Chili recipe. I'm a Texan without a Chili recipe. I know, I'm disgrace and I'm sorry.

Thank the lord for Annaliese, because this girl knew what she was doing. Not only did she bring the recipe, she also brought some really delicious, grass-fed beef from The Meat Hook. We felt very spoiled...and we LIKED it!

Read on for notes about this tasty recipe...

Note 1: the chilies. If your grocery doesn't sell dried chilies, try a specialty store. You may have to go out of your way, but you won't have to spend a great amount. Dried chilies are super cheap - like a dollar for a big bag of them. We used an assortment of Arbol (spicy) Pasillas, Puyas and Guajillos (not too spicy). I'd maybe throw in a jalapeno with a few seeds if you like a little more heat.

Note 2: the beef. We had beef that was ground nice and fatty, so we didn't need to add any oil to our pot before we put it in to brown. If you're using something leaner, you may want to brown it in maybe half a tablespoon of oil. I'd suggest veggie or peanut.

Note 3: This recipe can very easily be vegetarian or vegan. Just subtract the beef and substitute something like Gimme Lean.


PS: I highly reccommend the Frito Pie. You will not be dissapointed!

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