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Episode 51: Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread

I've come to love and enjoy baking nearly as much as I love to cook. It's surprising seeing as I 1) hate to follow directions and 2) have the patience of a hummingbird...but somehow it's become the truth. One of my favorite treats to make on the weekends is banana bread, which nearly everyone likes. Luckily, I've got a great recipe!

The most important ingredient in banana bread is flour. No just kidding, it's bananas. Duh. Bananas used in banana bread should be really ripe. The riper the naner, the sweeter and better your bread will taste! Before you pick a banana for banana bread, ask yourself, "is this banana brown? almost black?". If the answer is yes, then that banana is ready to get baked!


Extra special fun tip: bananas ripen quickly in the cold, so if you're DYING to make banana bread tomorrow, put your bananas in the freezer today!

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