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Ep 58: Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

Welcome Economy Bites readers and viewers! We're so happy to be back RIGHT in time for Valentines Day! Single or coupled, Valentines day is a time for love...and SWEETS! So today we're celebrating with something sugary and pink: fresh strawberry cupcakes!

Our cupcake recipe comes from Little Cupcake Bakeshop, the first and only carbon-neutral bakery in New York (SoHo to be exact). The Bakeshop is a beautiful family owned joint  in a great location that serves some of the best treats this side of Willy Wonka (blue velvet cupcakes? YES PLEASE!) Whenever you stop in for a cupcake, piece of pie and/or cup of coffee, you're doing the environment a big favor, PLUS you're getting a treat made from only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. That makes you feel a little better about an afternoon cupcake, right? RIGHT!

Go there now! On my last trip, I got some tasty snacks and a lesson on proper cupcake frosting technique. Take a look!

Take a look my friends, try not to salivate!

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