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Daniel Schloss

Nov 30th

Blog » Thanksgiving Prep 2

Daniel Again:  I just got home from Chicago where I spent the Holiday with family and cute cousins, after spending the week before the Holiday with Allie's family and cute cousins.  Shout out to Cameron Schwartz!  Check out this vlog of us all preparing stuffing for thanksgiving last Wednesday:


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Nov 24th

Blog » Thanksgiving Prep

Hi, Daniel here!  I'm chillin in Texas with Allie and her family, getting ready for thanksgiving.  Here's a video:


Tags: Thanksgiving, Dallas, Texas, Allie Schwartz, Daniel Schloss, Macaroni and Cheese

Nov 9th

Blog » Learn Stuff With Sam

Our special guest this week had so much good stuff to say about how to cook a pork loin, it spilled into a blog entry!  Enjoy some bonus footage from Episode 6 with Sam Vanderpol.


Tags: Sam Vanderpol, Daniel Schloss, Allie Schwartz, Pork Loin, Small Kitchen, Tips and Techniques

Oct 26th

Blog » Charlie Cooks

Hi, Daniel here!  This video blog actually takes place in MY kitchen, not Allie's, and the meal that's being cooked will not last you Sunday through Thursday, so what is it doing here?  Good question. 

Anyway, I thought I'd let you in on some of the cooking excitment that happened at my place last week, when my housemate Charlie decided to host a dinner party and cook some gourmet dishes.  Hilarity ensues!  This video also features my housemates Sophie and Justin.


Tags: Daniel Schloss, Charlie Cooks, Salmon Mousse, Risotto
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