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Easy Beef Recipe

Feb 25th

Episodes » Episode 20: Pot Roast Ala Connie Thomas

This episode is really special for 3 reasons:


  1. It's our 20th, which is a huge milestone for a little internet show that started with 2 people, 1 gchat conversation and a whole lotta gall.
  2. It co-stars our intern, Emily, who is super fabulous. We love her dearly, even though she left us to finish her senior year of college (ugh). I'm farely certain you guys will love her, too.
  3. The recipe itself is special to me because it came from a really wonderful lady, Leslie, whose mom used to make it. Leslie has been an E. Bites supporter since it's infancy, and we love her.

Now some important (no, serioulsy this time) notes...


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