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Oct 28th

Episodes » Episode 50: Halloween II

Halloween is a big day for me. It's the setting of my favorite family story (mom ate poo, [I'll tell you one day]) it's the day I met my boyfriend (4 years!) and it's an opportunity to get really crazy with our show here at Economy Bites. 99% of the time, our #1 focus is bringing you great, accessible recipes at affordable prices. Occassionally though, our inner creative demons get a hold of Daniel and me and we have to bust out with something a little different. Example A: today's episode!

If you saw last year's Halloween show, you know that, sadly, my life came to an abrupt halt when I was electrocuted in Kitchen Studio. In today's episode...well, let's just say that incident comes back to haunt me.

ENJOY! Be sure to watch until the end!! BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Tags: halloween, toffee, dessert, chocolate, candy
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