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Ina Garten

Jun 27th

Blog » Some Sunday Ruminations

It's Sunday and while I did cook today (episode...46 I believe. You'll see it in a few months) I actually spent most of my day reading. You see, I bought myself a gift this week:

mastering-the-art-of-french-cooking by you.

...and, well, yes, I've fallen into the Julia Cliche. Not only have I seen the movie about 7 times (not exaggerating - I love me some Meryl) I've now resigned myself to reading this whole book...or as much as I can get through without losing complete interest like I did with "My Life In France". I hope I can read and retain at least some of the information in this book. It is chock full of good stuff, which is what I like about Julia in general.

You see, I've been on a Julia kick recently. It all started when I was advised to study the greats of my "profession," aka: people who cooked on TV and who had success with it. So I went out and bought myself some Julia Child on DVD (and the book, too) and I started to take notes. What I learned is that Julia was a wealth of information - she covers not only the HOW of culinary technique, but also the WHY, which is why I think she was so special. I appreciate that she tells you how  to beat egg whites and also WHY her method works. Something with air bubbles...

Anyway - I'm a Julia fan - and I get it now. I see why people loved her. Lady was funny. If you're interested in learned to cook, I suggest you go the cheap route and invest in some Julia DVDs. They're pretty great.


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