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Mixing Bowls

Apr 22nd

Episodes » Episode 27: Top 10 Kitchen Essentials with The Brooklyn Kitchen

When I graduated from college, here's what I had in the way of kitchen gear: a small cast iron skillet, 2 blenders (one from my parents, one from my grandma) and a large pot. When I moved to Brooklyn, I slowly started gathering other pieces...a plastic measuring cup here, a wooden spoon there, etc. Slowly but surely, most everything I brought either broke, shattered or exploded (minor incident with a microwave, don't ask). Had I only had the video below where Harry Rosenbloom - co-founder and owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, BK - lists out the 10 essentials for a starter kitchen, I could have saved myself a lot of money...and clean up time.

Read on for a BIG DEAL....


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