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Sixpoint Righteous Rye

Oct 22nd

Episodes » Episode 49: Sixpoint Bar B Que Brisket

I'm so happy to bring you today's episode: our collaboration with Sixpoint Craft Ales. In the show, I get to play doctor with a beautiful piece of meat. That sentence doesn't sound right, but I'm going to go with it...


Tags: sixpoint, sixpoint craft ales, sixpoint righteous rye, sixpoint brewery, brisket, bar b que, beef

Oct 21st

Recipes » Sixpoint Bar B Que Brisket


-4 Lbs beef brisket

-2 Tbsp liquid smoke

-4 oz Sixpoint Righteous Rye

   Spice Rub

-2 Tbsp kosher salt

-1 Tbsp black pepper

-1 Tbsp garlic powder

-1 Tbsp onion powder

-1 Tbsp paprika

-1 tsp cayenne pepper



Tags: brisket, sixpoint, sixpoint craft brewery, sixpoint righteous rye, bar b que brisket
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