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Oct 11th

Blog » Thank Yous All Around!

Hello All!

This weekend was our one year anniversary party and it was put it mildly...AMAZING!!

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who helped us out this weekend. Sponsorships, volunteers, donations, it wouldn't have been 1/2 as much fun without the great people who helped put it together!

 Big THANK YOUs to the following people and their teams:

-Jeff at Sixpoint Craft Ale

-The folks at Basil Hayden's Bourbon Whiskey

-Andie at Wines of Germany

-Jean at NYCH2O

-Jack & Lateef at Triomph

-Scott Weiner at Scott's Pizza Tour for donating 2 tickets to our raffle

-WORD, Brooklyn for donating How To Cook Everything to our raffle

- The Brooklyn Kitchen for donating the chef's knife to the raffle

-DJ Pompeh

-Built By Animals

-Our bartender, Nick Bell


and extra special thanks to our amazing volunteers:

-Kevin Alexander

 -Casey Ashenhurst

 -Justin Brenneman

-Intern Emily Brunsten

-Melanie Closs

 -Emma Dumain

 -Sarah Dumas

 -Maxine Kaplan

-Sophie Kaplan

 -Sarrah Kaye

 -Joshua Keating 

-Veronica Quinn

-Charlie Sohne





We Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

To see pictures of the party, visit our facebook page!


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Apr 30th

Episodes » Episode 28: Chicken Chorizo Meatloaf

This episode stars me and a meatloaf. Not so fast, don't turn away. For most of us, meatloaf conjures up sloppy images - ground beef, ketchup and frowns. But my meatloaf is different, no ground beef, no ketchup. My mealoaf is Tex-Mex inspired and really, really tasty. It's made with fresh Southwestern ingredients that I love. This is not your mama's meatloaf, unless I am your mama...and I'm not.


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Apr 22nd

Episodes » Episode 27: Top 10 Kitchen Essentials with The Brooklyn Kitchen

When I graduated from college, here's what I had in the way of kitchen gear: a small cast iron skillet, 2 blenders (one from my parents, one from my grandma) and a large pot. When I moved to Brooklyn, I slowly started gathering other pieces...a plastic measuring cup here, a wooden spoon there, etc. Slowly but surely, most everything I brought either broke, shattered or exploded (minor incident with a microwave, don't ask). Had I only had the video below where Harry Rosenbloom - co-founder and owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, BK - lists out the 10 essentials for a starter kitchen, I could have saved myself a lot of money...and clean up time.

Read on for a BIG DEAL....


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Apr 19th

Blog » Annnnd, we're back!

Happy Monday morning all you men, women, children, cats, dogs, elephants, puppies, ladies, dudes, housewives, kitties, mooses, meeses, golden eggs... Happy to report that Economy Bites will be RETURNING with a BRAND SPANKIN' new epsiode this Friday. Hey, hey! Do a dance, shake your booty, get excited, HOODIE HOO!

The episode takes us out of the kitchen and into my absolute most favorite store, The Brooklyn Kitchen. We're gonna give you a tour, show you some of our kitchen essentials, and give you info on a really fabulous deal - economy friendly for home cooks everywhere. Are you PUMPED YET?

Please continue


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