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We've all been there: sluggishly trudging home after a long day at work thinking, "the LAST thing I want to do right now is cook dinner, and my stomach and wallet will never forgive me if I order Chinese food AGAIN." It's a big dilemma to be sure, one that both Allie Schwartz and Daniel Schloss struggled with before Allie approached Daniel, on a springy April day, with a little idea for a cooking show.

Economy Bites sets out to solve the "don't-feel-like-cooking/can't-spend-the-money-on-take-out" issue. Our host, and resident foodie, Allie, will show you how to make a delicious, easy dish that will last you all week long. Because really, why not take the time to cook when you have it? Do it big and do it right!

Come home from work, exhausted and annoyed, open your fridge and WOWZA, there's a yummy dish waiting for you, all you gotta do is warm it up! Allie cooks meals in her own kitchen with ingredients from her local grocery store. The food is inspired by dishes from all over the globe: from Thai Chicken pasta to Tortilla Soup, you won't get bored with her creations that are inexpensive and simple to recreate!

Both Allie and Daniel believe in the importance of cooking. It's not about fancines, it's about being able to feed yourself using ACTUAL FOOD, instead of heating up a box of chemicals in the microwave. Plus, everyone loves a home-cook, just ask your grandmother!

If you're interested in what we're doing, have a recipe idea, or just want to say "Hey! Nice work," drop us a line at [email protected] or [email protected]. We can't wait to hear from you!

The Team:

Allie Schwartz: Allie’s cooking lessons began in the kitchen of her Jewish Grandmother, Hilde, in Dallas, Texas where she was born and raised. A German Jew living in Texas, can you imagine a better combination? The lessons Allie learned from Grandma Hilde followed her to Brooklyn, New York, where she’s lived since graduating from Oberlin College in 2007.  Allie loves to cook big, family style meals, because cooking for one just isn’t as much fun! One day, Allie hopes to make cooking on the internet her full time job.

Daniel Schloss is the filmmaker behind Economy Bites.  After graduating from Oberlin College with a BA in Cinema Studies and no marketable job skills, he wasn't sure what the first step would be to becoming the next Steven Spielberg. (His bubbe's abiding faith in his abilities notwithstanding.) After stints fulfilling Starbucks orders for notable filmmakers and hip-hop royalty, he decided to take matters into his own hands. On the brink of becoming another "struggling Brooklyn filmmaker," he stumbled into the world of promotional web videos, which he soon realized were in very high demand. His clients have included web-based marketing and arts organizations such as Playwrights Horizons, Roundabout Theatre Company, Patron Technology, and Oberlin Conservatory. Now he hopes to use his talents to become the next internet-Television-cooking show mogul.

Seth Samuel is Economy Bites's (or is it Bites' ? I think to warrant the old name ends in S, just add an apostrophe trick, a proper noun has to be ancient -- biblically so. Like Moses' or Jesus'. Economy Bites, of course, is not yet thousands of years old. Bites's it is. ) original score composer. He met Daniel at Oberlin, working together on Helladeck: The Musical -- Seth composed the music for a dream sequence featuring dancing rats. Seth also composed some important music for a student-created circus at Oberlin -- the OCircus: music for hula-hooping lions and music for unicycling dogs. Seth feels that he's been pigeon-holed into writing music for people in animal costumes and is grateful to be writing music for people wearing people costumes, cooking animals. Seth is sorry about that last sentence. His website is here, and he encourages you to visit it and not make fun of its ugly colors; at least not to his face.

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