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Some Sunday Ruminations

It's Sunday and while I did cook today (episode...46 I believe. You'll see it in a few months) I actually spent most of my day reading. You see, I bought myself a gift this week:

mastering-the-art-of-french-cooking by you.

...and, well, yes, I've fallen into the Julia Cliche. Not only have I seen the movie about 7 times (not exaggerating - I love me some Meryl) I've now resigned myself to reading this whole book...or as much as I can get through without losing complete interest like I did with "My Life In France". I hope I can read and retain at least some of the information in this book. It is chock full of good stuff, which is what I like about Julia in general.

You see, I've been on a Julia kick recently. It all started when I was advised to study the greats of my "profession," aka: people who cooked on TV and who had success with it. So I went out and bought myself some Julia Child on DVD (and the book, too) and I started to take notes. What I learned is that Julia was a wealth of information - she covers not only the HOW of culinary technique, but also the WHY, which is why I think she was so special. I appreciate that she tells you how  to beat egg whites and also WHY her method works. Something with air bubbles...

Anyway - I'm a Julia fan - and I get it now. I see why people loved her. Lady was funny. If you're interested in learned to cook, I suggest you go the cheap route and invest in some Julia DVDs. They're pretty great.

In other news, I've become completely obsessed with baking. One recipe I've had a lot of success with is Ina Garten's Chocolate Cake. I'd like to show you all how to make it, but this cake is SO good and so different that it feels like I'd be stealing somehow. So I'm linking you to it instead. At least you'll see it and when you'll make it you'll remember maybe that I led you there. That's something.

Alright, that's all I got for today. Enjoy the week.

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