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Dear everybody,

Wow, what a couple of weeks!  I usually leave the writing and speaking to my eloquent partner Allie Schwartz, but I just have to tell you all directly how thankful I am that you have continued to watch our show and help us financially or by spreading the word to your friends and enemies.

In the last few weeks I've watched as you pledged over $7500 to our kickstarter campaign, posted about us on facebook, tweeted our links, came to our one year anniversary party; seeing all of this makes the work we put in mean something.  Our goal when we started the kickstarter campaign was to raise money to help us spread the word of ebites through advertising, publicity, and merchandizing--and its already worked in a large way--we have hundreds more fans, thousands more weekly views, and a lot of new excitement since we launched the campaign.  And I know it will continue as you all wear your tshirts and prosthelytize the word of our show  (you see our secret plan?).  It just makes me believe more than ever that if we can just keep getting more exposure, we can exponentially expanding our audience again.  So thanks to YOU who have been with us throughout our first year and brought us to this amazing point.  I cannot thank you enough!!! omg.

Zooming out,


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