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Episode 6: Sam's Pork Loin with Mustard Sauce

Hello, Economy Bites fans! I don't know about you all, but I'm thrilled that this week is coming to an end. This first week of November has just about done me in, so, now I'm trying to relax. I'm lying on the couch, dreaming of the weekend and watching Julie & Julia while I blog for you, lovely fans, I'm doing it all FOR YOU. Bringing you another episode of Economy Bites, and it's bringing ME back into my happy place. How simply marvelous!

Folks, this episode is extremely special, and not in the after school special kind of way. No roofie horror stories, no prescription drug-melt downs, just PORK...and our very first guest co-host: our friend Sam Vanderpol!

We brought Sam in for this episode because we thought, "We need some man in this kitchen. We need a man to cook pork." Immediately, we thought of our friend Sam, who is a fabulous cook and very manly. The pork loin recipe he taught us is ABSOLUTELY delicious.

The kicker, really, is the mustard sauce. I could drink it with a straw, it's so good. To be honest, this recipe didn't even last in my house 4 days because Ben and I just couldn't resist: we ate it all in 2 nights! In fact, we finished the sauce in one, it was just too good. I think you all will love Sam, and will welcome him to our little family.

Here's a little behind the scenes treat for you: we shot this episode in August, on the HOTTEST day of the summer. So please forgive us for sweating throughout - there was just NOTHING we could do about it. It was so outrageously hot. You'll notice there are many towels in the kitchen so we could wipe our faces. It was out of control - I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it. So, I'm sorry - but a girl can only do so much in 100 degrees.

OK - I think that's it! Enjoy episode 6. As always - be in touch! Email me at [email protected]. Also - you can sign up for our email list here, and - read our first little review, HERE! How exciting!

Until next week, darlings!


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