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Episode 12: Hilde's Noodle Kugel

Hello, E Biters! For the first time in my life, I might be speechless. Why, you ask? Because I just watched the video below: Episode 12 - Hilde's Noodle Kugel. For those who know her, you already know she is the prima donna of my family. She's outrageous and hilarious, and so is this episode. I can NOT WAIT to hear what you all think about my grandma, her kitchen, and, of course, her KUGEL!

So - a few things about the recipe you should know...

  1. we used whole milk and full-fat cream cheese in this recipe. If you wanted to go just a bit healthier, you could use 2% milk and low-fat cream cheese. It probably won't be AS delicious, but it also won't destroy your diet the way this recipe does.
  2. At the time when this episode was shot, I, like many of you (I'm guessing) did not own a stand-up mixer. I have one now because my grandma, amazing lady that she is, heard my plea and sent me one for Hannukah. Best gift ever, right? For those still without mixer, you can combine all the ingredients by hand. It'll be ok, just a bit more work. I suggest you warm the cream cheese first to make it softer and more liquidy. Then, add the butter, milk and eggs, one by one, and just use a whisk or a spoon and mix. Hard work, but worth it!

Alright - that's all you need to know, I think. Thanks SO MUCH to grandma Hilde for lending us her kitchen for our very special Hanukah episode. We love you, grandma!

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