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Episode 14: Pesto Bows with Spinach and Sausage

Hello friends, family and strangers. Welcome back to Economy Bites! Or, if you are new, welcome for the first time! We are so happy to have you here with us today! Please, have a seat, get comfy, grab a soda or some kombucha and take a few minutes to watch episode 14: Pesto Bows with Spinach and Sausage. Aren't you salivating just reading that title? Say it with me: pesto, spinach, sausage, pasta! Yum squared! Yum to the 4th!

Here is intern Emily with her general thoughts:

I don't know about you, but I am very very excited about this pesto. I WILL make it. I know that I'm a bit biased as the Economy Bites "intern," but I have made some of the featured dishes on my own, and if you havent yet, I highly recommend that you do. The food is delicious. It's great to be able to be present at the filming so that I can become a taste-tester when the camera stops rolling. Those were my general thoughts. Now go forth, and make this meal!

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