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Episode 21: Fettuccine with meat sauce

Hello all! It's been a huge week here on Economy Bites. We've finally got our show up on iTunes, and we now have #3 podcast in the food category. Woo hoo! To top it off, abc Sacramento news10 aired their interview with us this past Monday. Like I said, HUGE WEEK.


Back in kitchen studio, we've been quietly recipe testing (OK, more like loudly burning things) and approving new episodes for the comming months. After watching the one above, I thought maybe you'd want to know the actual names for the techniques I used in the episode...yes, I do know a few. So here they are, some real live culinary terms that relate to today's show:

  • mise en place: the organizing and arranging of ingredients before cooking begins. In this episode the carrots, onion and celery are my mise en place in today's episode.
  • julienning: is what I did to the carrots when I sliced them into rectangles, then into slices, then into sticks. I believe in the video I say I'm turning them into matchsticks.
  • brunoised: when I turned my julienned carrots 90 degrees and diced them into tiny little cubes

Tada! I know things, and now you do too. Just wanted to get that out of the way so in the future when people say, "Allie, you never give us any good, actual info about the culinary world," I can be like, "AHEM..."

Recipe tips:

Cook your meat sauce for up to two hours and, if you have the will power of a much stronger woma n than me, let it sit in the fridge over night before you eat it. The longer the sauce sits, the more the flavors meld and the more delicious this sauce gets. Obviously it's great either way, that's just a little tid bit of info.

As for re-purposing, this sauce would make a nice sloppy joe, that is if you got tired of pasta and decided you wanted a big 'ol hearty sandwich. You could also eat it like a meatball sub - on a hard roll with melted cheese on top. Noms - I'm hungry now.

Enjoy your meat sauce, carnivores! Check back next week for our BROOKLYN EXTRAVAGANZA epsiode!


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