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Episode 26: Shrimp and Poblano Chowder.

Happy April 2nd! Did you see our April Fools joke yesterday? Did we get you? Don't be ashamed, you can admit it! We got you! Bwahahha!!!

Today's video is this week's real episode, and one we are very proud of indeed. The co-star of this episode is restaurant called Blue Mesa, based in my hometown, Dallas, Tx. Blue Mesa is a fabulous Southwestern restaurant. Not only is the food spicy and tasty, but the owners are great as well (full disclosure: they are close family friends. Like take-trips-to-South-Padre, see-movies-and-eat-Chinese-food-every-Christmas, they-catered-my-bat-mitzvah close family friends). Blue Mesa graciously allowed us to choose an item from their menu to recreate for you this week, and I'm quite sure you'll like it! Read more?

It's a perfect time of year for Shrimp and Poblano Chowder. It's just warm enough for Summery ingredients (shrimp, corn) yet still chilly enough for a hearty chowder. I reccommend you make it ASAP, before the perfect moment passes you by!

Enjoy all! This is the last new recipe you'll get for a bit: Daniel and I are taking a well deserved vacation from all the craziness to re-amp and come at you fresh on April 23rd with a very special collaboration with The Brooklyn Kitchen, my favorite store in BK. In the mean time, catch up on older episodes and keep in touch with us on facebook, twitter or by email at [email protected].


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