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Episode 29: Macaroni & Cheese

Another episode guest staring our favorite intern, Emily. How long did she intern for us? You'll never know! Seems like forever though, doesn't it? Sigh, we miss her.

On to the episode! I've often said that were I to die tomorrow, I'd like macaroni and cheese to be my last meal. There's nothing more decadent, delicious and appealing then a big bowl of noodles and cheese. I would dare to say that no other American dish is so universally loved, and rightfully so.

There are a million variations on macaroni and cheese (I'll direct you here - a page I can't look at without salivating - as evidence) but because this is Economy Bites and because I believe in the power of the simple basic, that's what you'll get from this episode. A beautiful, delicious basic baked macaroni & cheese recipe that will not disappoint. Please watch with care...I hear drool ruins keyboards.

So, my note on this recipe is a little confused. Sometimes macaroni and cheese can get that grainy texture that ruins the taste of the whole thing. My guess - and this is just a guess - is that taste comes from over boiling the milk/cream. So be careful not to boil the milk for too long...turn the heat down right when the milk mixture gets to the boiling point and you should get a rich, creamy texture that will melt your mouth, your brain and your heart.

Next week is episode 30! Cannnnnnnnt' WAIT!

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