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Episode 49: Sixpoint Bar B Que Brisket

I'm so happy to bring you today's episode: our collaboration with Sixpoint Craft Ales. In the show, I get to play doctor with a beautiful piece of meat. That sentence doesn't sound right, but I'm going to go with it...

The most fun part about injecting meat with beer is going to Duane Reade, asking, "do you sell needles," and experiencing the confusion on the sales person's face. Here's a tip: go straight to the pharmacy...the people at the front won't be able to help. Another tip: you can see in the video that my needle is kind of dull. So be sure to get something sharp, otherwise you'll end up with beer all up in your I did.

The rest of the dish is pretty easy to construct. Meat, beer, smoke and spices. Not much to it, but man is it delicious!

Thanks to our friends at Sixpoint for working with us on this episode!!

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