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December 2010

Dec 24th

Episodes » Episode 57: Beef Bourguignon

Merry Christmas, crazy people! 


Tags: christmas, julia child, beef stew, beef bourguignon

Dec 16th

Episodes » Episode 56: Red Beans & Rice

I come from Texas and in Texas we care about our neighbors. One of our favorites is Louisiana, our buddies to the east. Since Louisiana is so close to the Lone Star State, it makes sense that we tend to share things: our men go to LSU, their ladies come to Texas, it's all in the family. Primarily, what we love to share is food, and today's dish - Red Beans & Rice made Tex-Mex style with spicy chorizo, is a perfect example of that loving relationship


Tags: red beans, rice, chorizo, louisiana

Dec 10th

Episodes » Episode 55: Beef & Veggie Kebabs with Tzaziki sauce

There's a Greek restaurant in Brooklyn near Daniel's apartment that I'm borderline obsessed with. Daniel and I usually nom on their treats during our weekly meetings to discuss whatever it is we need to discuss and then I spend the rest of the week craving the delicious Tzaziki sauce that'll arrive in the take out bag next time I head to D's.

Because my obsession was getting a little too intense for me, I decided I needed to curb in the only way I know how: completely overloading on the thing I can't get enough of until I have, in fact, had enough. Long story short: I made it my mission to learn to make delicious Greek food in my apartment.



Tags: greek food, kebabs, tzaziki sauce, beef, kebabs

Dec 2nd

Episodes » Episode 54: Andie's Bubbie's Lasagna

This episode is dedicated to Andie, a longtime friend and supporter of Economy Bites. Andie's Bubbie (yiddish for "grandma") passed this recipe down to Andie who passed it over to me. One thing I love about this episode is I feel like I was extra crazy the day we filmed it. Maybe I was just really excited about lasagna...or maybe I was just at 11, who knows.

Important note: I use a jar of sauce in this recipe. People don't always love it when I do that, but here's my reasoning: this recipe isn't mine, it's Andie's Bubbie's, and I wanted to stay as true to it as possible. Plus, don't lie, sometimes you use jarred sauce. It's not really the end of the world, especially if you take the extra minute to buy the one made with all natural ingredients. If you'd like to substitute home-made sauce, I'll direct you here for a recipe.


Tags: bubbie, lasagna, italian food, pasta dish
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