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Our Story Has Been Featured On:

"If the Food Network is steamy, glistening food porn, then Economy Bites is amateur food porn — in some ways all the more compelling because the technique, actors and setting are rough around the edges. Much like us."

ABC News 10 Sacramento

Brooklyn Based

 "If your wallet has been feeling a bit thin      lately, Allie Schwartz and Daniel Schloss may be able to help. The twentysomethings produce the web cooking show, Economy Bites, out of Allie’s Sunset Park apartment. The concept is simple: Cook one large meal on Sunday and eat it every night through Thursday (or brown bag it and save yourself the $7 sandwich from the Korean deli by your office).

Oberlin Alumni Magazine:

"The pair has combined their understanding of media convergence, the foodie trend, and the ongoing recession to forge a web-based cooking show for urban-dwelling, budget-minded home chefs (very much like themselves) called Economy Bites"

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