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Goodbye For Now

Jun 12th

Blog » A Long Overdue Update

First, I want to apologize for going so long without blogging and/or checking in. I know you guys have been wondering where we've been and what we've been up to. Let me answer a few of your questions.

-No, I (Allie) am not dead. I am alive and so is Omelette the cat.

-No, Daniel and I did not fall in love and run off together. Not to say the thought hasn't crossed our minds! (Joke)

-Yes, Economy Bites is stil alive. In a way. But unfortunately, Daniel and I have come to the decision to stop producing the least for the time being. So, while the past 2 year's worth of episodes and recipes will still be available here, on our podcast, on HuffPo, YouTube,,, etc., there won't be anything new coming down the pipeline in the forseeable future.

And now to answer your new questions:



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