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Episode 3: Hoisin Veggie Stir Fry

***this episode originally aired in October 2009.

Can you hear me, internet? I'm talkin to you! We are now 3 weeks into our Economy Bites internet-o experiment-o and I have to say that the response has been amazing! I'm overwhelmed by the positivity pouring out from every web-orafice: our fans are the best best BEST!

So - here I present to you Episode 3: Hoisin Veggie Stir Fry...YUM! This is the episode I've been waiting for you to see. One - it's a fabulous recipe. Two - it's fabulously put together. Three - I'm wearing my most fabulous dress!

No, really though ... I love this recipe. Again, this is one passed down by a family member; this time the lady in question is my one and only MOTHER! Suzy Schwa!

Mama Schwartz used to make this stir fry with tofu and it always killed. I did a lot of finagling with the tofu and just couldn't cook it correctly. It always turned out like, can I put this...doodoo.

No, really, my tofu always ended up looking like hash from the bottom of a pan that just cooked scrambled eggs. Veggies out there - a little help, please! Long story long, I omitted the tofu, and I think the stir fry is just as good. I also added some red pepper flakes, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts because they are my favorite vegetable (half joke).

So enjoy the episode everyone. I encourage you to try it yourself. It's full of flavor and really healthy. It's a great way to force yourself to eat veggies - hide them in hoisin sauce!

Oh - quick note about the hoisin: it's probably not the easiest ingredient to find at the grocery. Most will have it, but one or two may not. If your grocery doesn't have it, go find it at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, somewhere a bit fancier. Don't try and make it yourself using a recipe you found online. Trust me, it won't work.

Til next week!

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