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Episode 7: Mozzarella Mushroom Meatballs

(Bad Italian accent) Ay! It's time to make-a the meatballs!!

Here we are at Episode 7, Mozzarella Mushroom Meatballs. Mozzarella - one of the hardest words to spell, y/y?

For a long time, I was making meatballs with ground turkey, and they were very good, but very, very basic. I started dressing them up about 6 months ago, using different kids of meats and, eventually, stuffings. The comibnation of mushroom, meat and mozzarella is the one I like best - half beef, half pork, mushrooms and ooey gooey cheesiness on the inside. Very nice!

I keep hearing from lots of you that - as winter approaches - you want hearty, warm meals that'll feed your tummy and you soul. This is definitely one of those. Three or four of these "mushballs" topped with a little marinara, or maybe on a bun or with some pasta, is a really filling, great winter meal. Add a nice salad or some broccoli to round out the health factor. To store, just pop em in Tupperware. They'll last about a week, maybe a bit longer.

Get fat and enjoy!

Allie :)

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