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Episode 13: Allie's Tortilla Soup

Hellloooo, Economy Bites fans! Here we are, dead of January. It's cold, it's horrible and I mostly want to hide under my kitchen table with Omelette the cat. Only two things bring me solace during this time of year: the many dedicated fans of Economy Bites, and Tortilla soup.  No offense intended to the CatPet or the BoyPet.

So - the soup: it's among my most prized recipes in my recipe box. Every single time I make it - it turns out amazing. And I'm always surprised at how easy it is. That said, this episode is one of the first we shot, and I have to say...I'm a little embarassed watching it now! I think I seem a little nervous and clumsy - it's not easy cooking and talking at the same time! Seriously!

It's OK though, you don't need me to run and round and drop things to make this show entertaining, especially when the recipe is as delicious and beautiful as this one. So just ignore me, and focus on the tasty chow, k? See - I knew you'd understand.

One note: I said it on the episode and I'll say it again - you MUST taste while cooking to get this soup right. If you overspice with too many peppers and chilis, you'll end up with something too spicy and inedible. So, taste as you go and don't burn your tongue. That's your lesson for the day. You're welcome.

Alright - that's it from me. I'm going to sit under the bed and eat crackers now. Don't judge!

Love you!

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