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Episode 15: Corn Bean Salad!

Hello, E. Biters! I'm happy to present today's episode, Corn Bean Salad, in VEGAN-VISION! That's right, this is the first  *second Vegan recipe to appear on, and we are feeling very proud! We've crossed over into...something.

So the recipe: it's so ridiculously easy, you may not need me to blog. Oh, and for full for disclosure, this is not my recipe. I stole it from my friend, Lauren, who is a culinary MASTER! Hi, Lauren!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Since I learned to make this salad, I've seen variations of it everywhere. Picnics, potlucks, you name it, all of over the place. It's like when you buy a Jeep and then you see Jeeps all over the road. Hasn't that happened to everybody?


With Spring around the corner, I reccommend you add this Corn Bean salad to your to do list. I admit it's more of a side dish then a main course, but it costs so little (about $12) that you could add a chicken breast or a pork chop without breaking the bank. Or you could eat it as a light lunch or dinner. Add an avacado and you've got a very protein-y and vegetable-y meal.


*UPDATE: Woops! This was actually the first Vegan recipe we did!

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