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Episode 16: Falafel!


I remember the first time I ever made falafel. I was at Jewish summer camp, 8 or 9 years old, I remember forming the ball and then, like magic, some cute male counselor fried it up right in front of me. I rememer writing a letter to my mom about it; I think it went something like, "AND I MADE MY VERY OWN FALAFEL," except all I really did was form and eat it. If someone told me then that I'd one day take millions (200) viewers on a virtual journey through the entire Falafel making process...I expect 9 year old me would have been very proud, and also really confused.

Anyway, I love making falafel, it involves two things I cherish: my food processor and deep frying. Deep frying anything is sort of a marvelous feet. You start with something mushy and sticky, and you end up with something crunchy and tasty. One could say that a piece of food dipped in the frier for the first time is like a Caterpillar spinning it's first cocoon. Once completed there's something poetic about both things.




Some notes:

1- I thought about showing y'all how to make homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to accompany this recipe, but it turns out that Tahini (key ingredient) is kind of expensive, so I opted out. Better to buy the packaged stuff in this case. Tribe is my favorite. They do not pay me.

2- If you WANT to make your own hummus (it is kind of fun) and you've got a few extra bucks, I recommend giving it a go. This is a great recipe complete with instructions on roasting your own red pepper right over the flame, which is a treat.

3- Along with Hummus, here's what I like with my falafel: feta cheese, pico de gallo (or fresh tomatoes and red onion) pickles and good pita bread. All these extras are cheap, so go for gold and make the platter

4- Falafel is yummy, MAKE IT!

That is all! Enjoy, everybody!

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