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Episode 22: Brooklyn Style Pizza Roll

Today's episode is huge for us! It features our first celebrtiy guest chef, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. We are so thrilled that Marty agreed to be on the show - it was a real treat for us. Honestly, Daniel and I are still a little shocked that it came together. I don't know about you, but I don't know many public officials who make housecalls simply to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. Pretty fabulous! If you've never seen Marty do his thing, then you're in for a treat. Be sure to watch to the end for a very special proclamation:

AMAZiNG, right?

OK - no notes on this recipe. It's really, really easy. Get good quality tomatoes and mozzarella and you can't go wrong. 

Last thing: if you're in BK: be sure to check out Dine In Brooklyn. You can find the full list of participating restaurants here.You know we're all about cooking, but when a deal like Dine in Brooklyn presents itself, you just have to indulge.

Thanks again to Marty and the Borough President's office. It was really an honor. Tune in next week for more Brooklyn madness!

Ciao, bbs!

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