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Episode 30: Chicken with Mushrooms

Happy Friday monring, everybody. I just paid some bills, so I'm feeling extremely cranky right now. I'm re-watching this episode, Episode 30, Chicken with Mushrooms, hoping it'll cheer me up. Hang's working...working...OK, DONE! I'm happy now! Phew, that just saved my whole weekend.

You can see in this episode - if you watch to the end - that after taking a bite and saying "mmm, yum," I do a double take and make the yum noise a 2nd time. That was me realizing just how delicious this dish is. IT. IS. CRAZY. DELICIOUS. I hope you make this one, I really, really do.

A second note: if you are a long watcher/fan of Economy Bites, you'll notice that I'm wearing the same outfit in this episode that I was wearing in our CNN piece that aired on back in February. If you're a new fan (or someone with eyes), you'll notice - toward the middle of the episode- a blurry man with a camera standing behind me. Either way - he interviewed us for the piece, and filmed the episode for filler footage. Just goes to show how far in advance we film! We work hard for you, people! 7 days a week!

A note on the recipe: there is no note really. It's so easy and it's super awesome. If you have specific questions, you can email me at [email protected], and I'll be sure to answer. Otherwise: I leave you to your own devices because I believe in your abilities and in the simple beautifulness of this recipe. You have my word: YOU CAN DO IT!

Lots of love to all on this gray May morning.

hearts - Allie

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