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Episode 35: Enchiladas Verdes

Summer is the season of the tomato and I am a tomato-aholic! I can eat fresh tomato salsa by the pound (ask the boyfriend, he's seen me do it). Today's recipe hilights one of my favorite tomato types: the Tomatillo!

The Tomatillo is a small, green fellow. He is essential to Mexican cuisine and he's the star ingredient in today's dish: Enchiladas Verdes.  

I have a lot i want to say about this recipe. One - I think the idea of making your own salsa might be daunting to some people. Let me promise you - it is NOT hard. The secret is getting the best Tomatillos, Jalapenos, Cilantro and Mint you can find. Start with good ingredients and the salsa will pretty much make itself. All you have to do is boil and puree. And we've done that a million times now, right? It's a sinch.

Two - you need lots of cookware to make these enchiladas in a timely manner. You need two large pots, a skillet a blender and a baking dish. If you don't have all of everything then substitute, substitute, substitute. You can use a food processor instead of a blender and you can reuse the chicken boiling pot to boil the Tomatillos. Part of the fun of cooking is being creative - so have fun with it!

LASTLY - this is a great healthy recipe. The biggest 3 ingredients: corn tortillas, chicken and tomatoes. Health! Cotija and Queso Blanco are also 2 relatively low cal cheeses. Put this in your healthy dish recipe box and keep it there!

Have fun everybody!

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