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Episode 55: Beef & Veggie Kebabs with Tzaziki sauce

There's a Greek restaurant in Brooklyn near Daniel's apartment that I'm borderline obsessed with. Daniel and I usually nom on their treats during our weekly meetings to discuss whatever it is we need to discuss and then I spend the rest of the week craving the delicious Tzaziki sauce that'll arrive in the take out bag next time I head to D's.

Because my obsession was getting a little too intense for me, I decided I needed to curb in the only way I know how: completely overloading on the thing I can't get enough of until I have, in fact, had enough. Long story short: I made it my mission to learn to make delicious Greek food in my apartment.


Hmm, any notes? Well, as you can see, I burned my skewers. I think it happened because I didn't soak them thoroughly enough. What I'd probably do instead is lay them in a baking dish and fill it with water. That way the skewers will get properly wet. If you have a method you like, let me know!

Also - the great thing about this episode is we give you a method you can use for any multitude of ingredients. You can switch the protein (chicken, pork, what have you) and the veggies to fit your taste. I'd love to hear your variations!


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