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Episode 8: Arroz con Pollo y Frijoles

Episode 8 - what to say. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to it play in the's like hearing a learning impaired person talk to a small child. Why you people keep coming back, I'll never know! It must be the food. If that's the case, you all won't be dissapointed this week with my special Rice and spanish beans!

I love making this Spanish rice and beans for a lot of reasons. 1: It's delicious and spicy and Tex-Mex flavored. 2: It's healthy! 3: it's easy! 4: it's filling ...I could go on, but you're already bored. Mostly what I like is making it in bulk, the Economy Bites way, because rice and beans last forever, and it's a great snack. A good, healthy antidote to chips or crackers. or whatever.

I quickly want to mention another way to eat this meal: If you're a fan of bowls, and I know I am, a great way to mosh this meal together is to start with a bowl, add rice and beans, shred some of the chicken, add it, and top with cheddar cheese and cilantro, maybe a squeeze of lime. I've also done rice, beans, cheese, avocado and a fried egg, and THAT is a satisfying meal. Oh man, I'm salivating!

Enjoy, E. Bites people! Be sure to check back next week for our THANKSGIVING EXTRAAAAAVAGANZA! Happy holidays :)

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