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Episode 24: Penne a la Vodka

Long ago there was a time of terror and chill in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. During this time, the residents hibernated and wore coats and scarves. This time has passed and we've shedded our winter coats for more approrpriate Spring wear. That said, this episode was shot during the Winter Of My Discontent, so that's why I look so tired and cold throughout. Don't judge - it was a terrible winter

Here's something exciting: this is an easy recipe. Like stupid easy. I'm not even going to give you any notes, it's so easy. Well, maybe I have one note, which is DON'T TASTE THE SAUCE right after you pour in the vodka. I promise you it won't be good. Don't taste it until 10 minutes in. I'm saving you from having to make your "yuck" face. You're welcome.

That is all. I'm heading to Dallas for an extended weekend of matzah and sunshine. Don't miss me too much!

Your friend,


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